Debt Raising

Debt Raising

Wings and Freeman Capital is actively promoting loan products of up to USD 1 billion for tenor as long as 25 years from International Financial Institutions. 

What differentiates us from the others is our individual approach. More specifically, we will find financial solutions for the companies in situations when the others cannot. For example:

  • You want to launch a new project from the very start or to initiate a new business without a cash burden on the existing one – we will provide a project financing;
  • You are thinking about extending the existing business, but your Company’s cash flow needs a long grace period and a large loan tenor – the grace period can be up to 36 months and the loan tenor can be up to 25 years
  • The interest paid to commercial banks are eating up your Company’s profit margin - the annual interest rate can be in the range from as low as 3.5% to up to 5.5%;  
  • The Libor linked interest rate arises uncertainty in your Company’s cash flow - the loan will have a fixed interest rate during the entire term of the loan;
  • Your business is characterized with a seasonal cash flow – the loan will have a flexible repayment schedule that will be adapted to the needs of your business;
  • The size of the project is so large that it cannot be financed by a commercial bank - the loan size can be up to USD 1 billion.

In these situations usually the commercial banks do not offer a feasible solution. In contrast, by working with us you will acquire a strong and reliable International Financial Institution as a partner that understands your financing needs.

The investment priorities include:

  • Climate
  • Global Health
  • Gender equality/women empowerment
  • Internet/connectivity and Technology

 Besides, projects from the following sectors are eligible:

  • Infrastructure, 
  • Logistics,
  • Hospitality, 
  • Healthcare, 
  • Education, 
  • Banking, 
  • Fast Food Chains, 
  • Beverages, 
  • Franchises,
  • Agriculture, 
  • Transportation, 
  • Manufacturing, 
  • Retailing, 
  • Oil/Gas.

 Our experience is a guarantee for success. Up to now we have secured or are in the process of securing the loans with the total amount of about USD 600 Million.  

Our team members have extensive experience of working in the following Countries:

  • Georgia (12 Projects),
  • Ukraine (3 Projects),
  • Uzbekistan (3 Projects).

However, the following Countries are also covered by our team:

  • Azerbaijan,
  • Armenia,
  • Moldova,
  • Belarus,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • Kyrgyzstan.

Our individual approach to each Project of every Company is reflected in the scope of activities performed by our team members. Namely, we start from creating a roadmap to our clients and follow it through the following activities: 

  • Structuring the transaction (Financing and Collateral Issues);
  • Preparing the pre-application documentation;
  • Preparing financial model and the other required documentation in the form acceptable to the relevant International Financial Institution;  
  • Preparing the final application package as required by the relevant International Financial Institution;
  • Facilitating the coordination with the other consultants (Design, Engineering, Environmental, etc.);
  • Facilitating the communication with the relevant International Financial Institution.

Once engaged, our team will guide the project owners from the very initial process of preparing the feasibility study/business plan and other required documentation through the due diligence procedures up to the term-sheet negotiations and signing the loan agreement.