Wind Power Plant Projects

Wind Power Plant Projects

Georgia Georgia

Status: Ongoing

Investment Size $ 100 million
Category Energy

Project Scope:
Renewable energy project (Wind Power Plant) in Kaspi, Georgia

  • Development 
  • Construction
  • Operation

Works undertaken by WFC

  • Preparing all application documentation as requested by IFI
  • Preparing financial projection models, business plans and all other project related documentation
  • Consulting the Company on appropriate financial and legal structuring of the Project
  • Organizing and facilitating financial and legal due diligence processes 
  • Facilitating term-sheet and loan agreement negotiations
  • Coordinating all other issues related to project development and fund raising

Financial Summary:

  • Project Size: $ 145 million
  • Total installed capacity of 108 MW, net annual generation – 373 GWh 
  • Loan Attracted: $ 100 million
  • Equity Invested: $ 44.6 million
  • Expected Revenue: $ 21 million
  • Expected EBITDA: $ 17.4 million
  • Expected IRR: 11.5%

Development Impact

  • Renewable energy sector development in Georgia, especially Wind and Solar energy sector is underdeveloped in the country. 
  • Kaspi WPP in the unified energy system will reduce the volume of energy imports required during energy deficit months.
  • Preventing environmental pollution and flooding large areas is a significant additional benefit of wind energy utilization.
  • Creation of temporary and permanent local jobs.
  • Support the economic development of the country.