Bank of Georgia

Bank of Georgia

Georgia Georgia

Status: Ongoing

Investment Size $ 100 million
Category Banking

Project Scope:
COVID-19 response financing

  • The attracted funds will be directed towards funding Bank of Georgia’s micro, small and medium enterprise clients, as well as corporates, to keep their businesses liquid and to avoid and minimize bankruptcies and liquidations during the crisis.

Works undertaken by WFC

  • Preparing all application documentation as requested by DFC
  • Preparing financial projection models, business plans and all other project related documentation
  • Consulting the Company on appropriate financial and legal structuring of the Project
  • Organizing and facilitating financial and legal due diligence processes 
  • Facilitating term-sheet and loan agreement negotiations
  • Coordinating all other issues related to project development and fund raising

Financial Summary:

  • Project Size / Loan Sought – $ 100 million
  • 60% of the funds sought - MSME Portfolio Restructuring/Origination
  • 40% of the funds sought - Corporate Portfolio Restructuring/Origination
  • Expected Annual Revenue – $ 600 million 
  • Expected Annual EBITDA – $ 200 million 

Development Impact

  • The long-term senior loan facility from DFC, with two-years’ grace period will enable Bank of Georgia to offer its MSME and Corporate clients the financial products they need and to support them in the crisis and post-crisis periods
  • DFC financing will catalyse the quicker recovery of Georgian economy after the COVID pandemics by assisting MSMEs and Corporate businesses.